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My name is Valentin Dufois. I’m a graphic designer, and developer based in Montreal. I’m currently completing a Diploma of College Studies focus on multimedia and internet.

I like to create websites and other stuffs in my free time. I also take a lot of pictures and I make some illustrations on a very large scale of subjects. I also do some Timelapses and Hyperlapses in my free time. I’m still exploring a lot of fields to find the one who convinced me the most.

I'm currently living in Montreal to continue my studies. They are focused on both sides of the creation process: code and graphics. I’m currently the major of my promotion.

I have started developing sice I’m 13 years old. Until now, I’ve created many websites and illustrations for various purposes, like school, companies and friends.

What I like the most of those fields are the possibilities you have to create everything you want.